Wednesday, May 31, 2017

USA 2015 Road Trip: Dollars, Stats and our favorite snapshots

by the Golden Gate after crossing it TWICE

Twenty-one days, four states and several cities after, caught in the transition of seasons from fall to winter, it was like we have participated in the Amazing Race with all the challenges we had gone through although we were not really on a race (except for that Thanksgiving Day when we had to race for time to find a gas station) but an adventure of a lifetime. I could say that our recent US road trip definitely brought up the ante for the next one. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

USA 2015 - Day 20-21: Driving back and saying farewell to San Francisco

after days at the slopes we headed back towards San Francisco for one last look at the outlet shops.
Here we were with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin before we parted ways.

Early morning of Day 20, we almost didn't want to get up because that meant we were leaving the snowy front lawn and powdery slopes. We were just not ready to do so. We received a call at about 8am from my Uncle asking us if we were already driving back! They still wanted to meet us before we fly off the next day. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

USA 2015 - Day 17-20: Snow Play at Squaw Valley

We're ready to go skiing!
On Day 16, we travelled yet another long distance to get to another family adventure. This time the snowy mountains were calling for us. This skiing trip was first for the family and we couldn't wait!

From Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley, we drove along US-395N, stopping by Lone Pine, California to grab lunch at Carl's Jr, then continued all the way to South Lake Tahoe (315 miles for about 6 hours), not to visit the sights (unfortunately, we have to reserve that for another trip) but to pick up groceries/snacks to bring all the way up to Squaw Valley which was another 50 miles via US-50E and NV-28.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

USA 2015 - Day 16-17: Desolate but Dazzling Desert that is Death Valley

Badwater Basin, another perfect spot for stargazing.
This was our second sighting of the Milky Way galaxy during our US2015 road trip.

"You have never really seen the stars till you have seen them in Death Valley. The clear, limpid atmosphere brings them very close. You feel you could reach up and pull them down." 
- Bessie Johnson

Here we were, at the point of the lowest elevation (282ft) in North America (Badwater Basin), standing on salt flats in front of the highest point (3,366m) in Death Valley, Telescope Peak, staring into the illuminated night sky with the view of the galaxy that contains our solar system, the Milky Way. And yes, it did feel like we could reach up to them.


Friday, January 20, 2017

USA 2015 - Day 14-16: Las Vegas and Hoover Dam

Sin City with the family

Day 14 and we're on our fourth and last state - NEVADA - to visit it's largest city - LAS VEGAS. Smacked in Nevada's Mojave Desert, this resort city is famous for its nightlife, numerous casinos and entertainment options. We narrowed it down to the the city's main street, THE STRIP, an area that is quite familiar to us being big fans of the series CSI Las Vegas and having seen parts of the The Strip in movies like Jason Bourne, Now You See Me, Ocean's Eleven and Thirteen to name a few. And who wouldn't recognize famous iconic places like the Pyramid, Bellagio and its Fountain Show, and the Stratosphere (this was where we stayed). So here's breaking the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" cliche and sharing our visit there with you...